We asked for stories about vampires, zombies, ghosts and other supernatural creatures, and that’s what we received. In fact, we received so many—and so many that were so good, that we’ve had to divide them into two volumes in order to give you a Read on the Run.

As in Volume 1, this second volume has a lot of ghost stories, as well as some vampire stories and zombie stories.

Also just as in the first volume, these are not your stereotypical ghosts, vampires, and zombies… they are unique, and have their own twist.

In addition to those stories, we have some extras. We offer you a demon, a cupid, a werewolf, and even a mermaid… but not the mermaid you’re expecting.


As always, each story in the Read on the Run series of anthologies is short, to suit your busy lifestyle.



Elevenses ~~ Liam Hogan

The Final Bite ~~ Laurie Axinn Gienapp

At Wit’s End ~~ Catherine Valenti

A Good Boy ~~ Desmond Warzel

The Spree ~~ Jessica Levai

Run for the Roses ~~ Geri Leen

Smitten ~~ Ginny Swart

The Lay of the Land ~~ Jude-Marie Green

Down the Road ~~ C. M. Saunders

Aspirin ~~ Scott Savino

Ghomestic ~~ Laird Long

Through the Glass Darkly ~~ Margery Bayne

Trick or Treat ~~ Dianna Duncan

Always Paris ~~ Richard Meldrum

The Hit ~~ Michael Penncavage

Gimlet ~~ Gina Burgess





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