Smoking Pen Press is pleased to introduce a new series — A Read on the Run.  You live your life on the run, without a lot of free time.  Each book in the series will present an anthology of short stories, short enough that you can easily complete one or more, while ‘on the run’.  Whether you’re waiting in the doctor’s office, on hold with the cable company, reading during your lunch hour, or looking for a quick, light read while sitting at the beach, we are sure you will enjoy these tales.


A Step Outside of Normal is the first in the Read on the Run series.  It is an anthology of seven short stories, by five different authors, presenting situations which are almost, but not quite, normal. Not really supernatural, not really fantasy, not really general fiction.  But what they all share  is that each is a little bit “off”.  And short, to suit your busy lifestyle.







Hell of a Day, by Laurie Axinn Gienapp, is about a young man who has to deal with divorced parents who don’t like each other… but with an unusual setting.

Sunnybrook Acres, by Catherine Valenti, is a story of a retirement home, with an unusual cadre of residents.

Pirates, by Kathleen Terrell, looks at the world out of the eyes of a young child. 

Always, by Theresa Thompson, is a tender story about loss, except that maybe it’s not so tender. 

Xyxyx, by R. S. Leergaard, examines the beginning of the world, but perhaps not our world.

The Double, by Laurie Axinn Gienapp,  presents a young woman who appears to have a doppelganger. 

And Rage, by Catherine Valenti – well, you’ll just have to read that one.


A Step Outside of Normal   is available at many locations, in all ebook formats, as well as paperback:


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If you cannot find A Step Outside of Normal  at your favorite store, contact us and let us know.



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