A Kiss and a Promise – A romance anthology



The six short romance stories included in this anthology have quirky characters, or quirky locations, or quirky situations. 


You’ll find a ghost and a new homeowner, a spaceship captain and her cartographer, a window designer and high school beau, a banker and a baker, two vampire hunters, and some supernatural beings.  You’ll find yourself in two different restaurants, and on another planet. You’ll find deception, intrigue, and old memories. 


But most of all, you’ll find true romance. You’ll find Happily-Ever-After, or Happy-for-Now with the promise of more to come. You’ll find kisses, and you’ll find promises.


Eve’s Garden ~ Tricia Schneider
Made to be Broken ~ Kate Lowe
Love at the Edge of the Galaxy ~ Charley Clarke
No Reservations ~ Christine Collier
Only Every Slowly ~ Jennifer Quail
Aftermath ~ Daniel L. Keating




Please note: None of these stories are ‘steamy’ or explicit, and there is no erotica.




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