(Ginny Swart hails from South Africa.  She  has stories in two of the Read on the Run anthologies.. A Wink and a Smile, and Uncommon Pet Tales.)

Question:.  What is the one thing about you that would most surprise readers?
Answer: I’m a short story tutor for three online colleges.
Question: Oh come on, that’s not very surprising.. Anything else?
Answer: I jump into the pool every morning at 7 am. On winter days I practically have to crack the ice, but it’s  a great way to wake up.
 Question: What do you find the most difficult thing about being a writer outside the US?
Answer: I don’t find it difficult to write for the USA market. I admit I write with the UK and Australian markets in mind but they speak English in America too! I’m just careful to change words like rubbish into garbage
and High Street into Main Street and so on. I used to write a lot for the True Confessions/Romance magazines but after nearly 100 years they ceased publication, sadly. Now there is only one magazine in the whole
of the USA which takes my stories, but not often enough. I’m working on that.
Question: What genres do you write in?
Answer: I write mostly for woman’s magazines but love changing genres and am thrilled when I have a story accepted in an anthology. I like writing murder, or more serious, thoughtful stuff. I also like writing stories with a
strong African background.
Question: What’s your favorite genre to read?
Answer: I’ll read anything that comes my way but if it doesn’t talk to me after the first three pages I put it down. There are too many good writers out there to waste valuable reading time.
Question:. How long have you been writing?
Answer: I started writing in 2001, just after I bought my first computer and realized how easy it was to use one, and write fast. My handwriting is unreadable, even by me.
Question: What is a typical writing schedule for you?
Answer:  I write whenever I have nothing else to do, with no set working time, but my computer is always switched on just waiting to lure me back. To date I’ve sold over 750 pieces and I always have a couple going on my computer at the same time.
Question:  What is your most unusual  sale of a story?
Answer: I actually think of it as my best sale, rather than my most unusual.  My best sale was to Thailand where they translated the story. A first!
Question: How did you first hear about Smoking Pen Press?

Answer:  I first heard about Smoking Pen Press when I was trawling though the internet some years ago looking for possible new outlets and there you were! Two editors of great discernment and good taste and producers of
wonderful anthologies!