Meagan Noel Hart
A Wink and a Smile , Uncommon Pet Tales

Meagan has been reading and writing stories all her life. Her work spans many genres and interests, though she is most known for her flash fiction and her focus on the individual and their unique place in the world. Her writing has appeared in Welter, Everyday Fiction, Mothers Always Write, and recently, Smoking Pen Press’s Unusual Pet Tales. Her collections include Twisted Together, A Short Stack of Silly Shorts for the Morally Sidetracked, and Whispers and Fangs. She has an MFA in Creative Writing and Publishing Arts from the University of Baltimore. Besides writing, she enjoys designing the occasional book, baking fancy cakes, and playing with her kids and pets. By day, she’s known as a Senior Lecturer at Stevenson University where she teaches writing and literature, including Video Games: The Art of Interactive Stories.