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Once again, we received over 300 submissions in response to our Call for Time Travel stories.  This time, we forced ourselves to narrow the list down to one volume, and we’ve selected the twenty best stories to be included in the next Read on the Run anthology..

Like all Read on the Run anthologies –  the stories are short, to suit your busy lifestyle.

We welcome the following new, and returning authors, to the Smoking Pen Press family:

Jesse Bethea

Nicholas Blatchley

LC Burri

Dianna Duncan

Laurie Axinn Gienapp

Liam Hogan

Katie Kent

L. L. Lamando

Brian K. Lowe

Jason E. Maddux

Jonathan Mast

Richard Meldrum

Templeton Moss

Y. M. Pang

Frank Roger

Lee Rutty

Holly Schofield

Cathy Valenti

Victoria Vazquez

Desmond Warzel


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