We present, for your enjoyment, twenty stories of time travel.

The characters in each of these stories are having trouble.  Some have trouble with their equipment, some have trouble with what they find, others are having trouble with unexpected consequences of their travels. 

Some travelers intentionally reach out to their past or future selves, others work to avoid this. Some travelers focus on the future, others focus on the past, a few look in both directions.

Travelers travel by time machine, cell phone, time cap, elevator, compass, or without the need for a device at all.

And then there are the mistakes made and paradoxes created when you mess around with time. So we finish up with a story where the task is to fix the problems we’ve created by traveling in time.


As always, each story in the Read on the Run series of anthologies is short, to suit your busy lifestyle.




Time Trial ~~ Liam Hogan

Round Trip ~~ Catherine Valenti

A Totally Original Idea ~~ L. L. Lamando

How to Save a Ghost ~~ V. A. Vazquez

Wink ~~ LC Burri

Temporally Out of Service ~~ Jason E. Maddux

I Only Time-Travel During School Hours ~~ Desmond Warzel

Early Balloting ~~ Brian K. Lowe

Got Time ~~ Lee Rutty

Chronead ~~ Nyki Blatchley

Coming Back for a Drink ~~ Jonathon Mast

Peek-A-Boo ~~ Dianna Duncan

Subtle Ways Each Time ~~ Y. M. Pang

Pair O’Dons ~~ Templeton Moss

Reaching Up, Reaching Back ~~ Holly Schofield

The Unseen Traveler ~~ R. J. Meldrum

The Waiting Room ~~ Frank Roger

Show Me the Future ~~ Katie Kent

The Travel Agency ~~ Laurie Axinn Gienapp

The Cleanup Crew ~~ Jesse Bethea



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