Charles Gramlich
A Bit of a Twist

After Hurricane Katrina tore up New Orleans in 2005, Charles Gramlich moved further north to the community of Abita Springs, Louisiana. He lives with his wife Lana, an award winning photographer, along a dirt road surrounded by pine forests. Charles is the author of the Talera fantasy trilogy, the thriller Cold in the Light, and the SF novel Under the Ember Star. His stories have been collected in three anthologies, Bitter Steel, (fantasy), Midnight in Rosary (Vampires/Werewolves), and In the Language of Scorpions (Horror). His works are available in print and ebook at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Wildside Press.

Additionally, some of Charles’s stories are available as ebook collections from Amazon. These include Killing Trail (Westerns), Harmland(Noir/Horror), MicroWeird (Flash Fiction, and Harvest of War (Fantasy).

Charles blogs at and is happy to connect on facebook.