Bobbie Carol
The Ancient

Bobbi Carol has an intense fear of writing bios – especially short ones that need to fit on a single page in a book.

I could tell you about my obsession with the color pink – or how I hate the thought of being abducted by aliens – but is that really what the reader wants to know about me?

I have published some articles on Hub Pages, am the coordinator and editor of a two newsletters in the central Pennsylvania area, and also adore my work as a proofreader for Tirgearr Publishing.  I don’t want to forget my day job with the Pennsylvania Statewide Adoption and Permanency Network (SWAN).

I’d like to think I am a budding author with dark thriller tendencies, and even some dystopian sci-fi leanings. But since this is my first published short story, the verdict is still out on my writing style.  Some have even dared call me “edgy,” but I think that just means I might need to switch to decaf.

But in the end – the one and only thing you truly need to know about me?  No matter what the question might be – the answer is always ice cream…ALWAYS.